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Criminals are more likely to target your property if it’s not fitted with security alarm or CCTV systems.

Our experts will carry out a full security review to help you select the best solutions to safeguard both you and your property from crime.

We guarantee sensible security solutions at sensible prices with a fully professional installation service. We only use trusted, state-of-the-art technology in security alarms, locking systems and CCTV equipment.

Yale CCTV Cameras

Would you like your home or business to be up to 90% less likely to be burgled?

If so you’ve come to the right place.

Identifying your security goals is the first step in ensuring you get the right CCTV system for the job.

Our trusted professionals will fully evaluate your needs before installing the security systems designed to achieve your goals.

Do you need home security? Do you want to deter intruders or vandals? Perhaps you need commercial premises security – to enhance customer and staff safety or reduce the risk of theft on your premises.

By chatting with one of our team, you will be carefully guided to make the choices that are right for your needs – both in terms of CCTV system type and the placement of cameras around your property.

We install high quality Yale CCTV systems with built-in night-vision to domestic and commercial premises throughout Oxfordshire.

Yale Smart Security allows you to watch live HD CCTV footage of your home or business from an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC at any time.

Talk to us today about CCTV Systems for your Oxfordshire property.

Fast Locksmiths are suppliers of Yale CCTV security cameras for homes. We install CCTV cameras in homes throughout Oxfordshire.

Yale Security Cameras for your home

Yale HD720 Indoor CCTV Cameras

Yale Home Security

Yale HD720 Outdoor Security Cameras

Fast Locksmiths can provide you with CCTV systems that suit your requirements. Call us today on 07554354736 for a survey of your home.

Alarm Systems

Home security alarm systems are proven to deter burglars by up to 60%. For this reason they are a very effective security system for Oxford homes.

We install Yale smarthome alarm systems in homes in the Oxford area.

yale alarm systems

If you would like a quote to install an alarm system in your home, call us today.

Learn More About Fastlocksmiths Alarm Fitting Service

Smart Locks

Outsmart the criminals with the help of smart security systems from your Oxford locksmith.

You can control your home security from anywhere with state-of-the-art smart lock systems and smart security devices. Easily lock doors, check live CCTV footage and control alarm systems, all from a smartphone app.

The smart systems can integrate with your smart home to allow you to tailor your security requirements on the go to keep your property safe.

We are official installers of high quality Yale Smart Security products, including smart locks, smartphone alarms and HD CCTV.

Talk to us today about smart locks for your smart home.

Yale smart locks

Talk to us today about smart locks for your smart home, phone our smart security department.

Security Surveys

Are you making it easy for criminals to access your home?

We offer a full security review service for homes and commercial properties across Oxfordshire.

Our specialists will fully review your security to ensure that your locks and security systems are compliant with your insurance

and that your property isn’t an attractive target to potential thieves.

Contact us today for a home security survey

Burglary Repair Service

Our locksmiths regularly attend jobs where there’s a need to repair damage caused to locks, doors or windows as a result of a burglary. Experiencing a burglary can be a dreadful experience for a home owner and the ease of entry can be very alarming.

If your home has been broken into, call us on 07554354736 for more information.

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